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Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Care & Support - You're Not Alone.

A compassionate, caring person is waiting to hear about your experience and offer resources and support. 

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Grief & Loss


Grieving is a truly personal experience. Everyone grieves in their own way. There is no set time for getting over something. Know that it will be a struggle and very painful in the beginning. The intensity of your grief will change; however, it doesn't necessarily get easier in time.  You won't "get over it," but you will find a way to reconcile yourself to what has happened. Denying the loss and your pain may prevent you from moving on.


If you find yourself sinking into a depression or unable to cope – particularly if you withdraw from your family and can't parent your other children – seek out the help of a counsellor or bereavement group. Major red flags include concern about your own well-being, thoughts of self-harm, or concerns expressed by others about your well-being.


You may wish to honour your baby by holding a memorial service. This will provide you with a special way to say good bye, and allow other friends and family members to share how you feel. You may choose to have a service led by a clergyperson at your place of worship, or hold a simple ceremony yourself. Here are a few other ways that you can memorialize your baby:

  • plant a tree or keep a special houseplant as a living memorial to your baby

  • write a story or poem about your baby

  • give to charity in your baby’s memory

  • buy a piece of jewellery to symbolize your baby

  • make your own memorial such as a quilt or painting


(from "Grief & Loss" BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre)


You may be interested in:

Walk to Remember Little Lives

The WTRLL is an annual event to celebrate & remember lost little ones in our community and is held every October.

Find it on Facebook: @WalkToRememberLittleLives

Referrals for Private Bereavement Counselling

The PPSC has access to counsellors who have training in grief and loss support and we would love to connect you with them. Contact us today.

Stillbirth & Bereavement Doula

Raelene at Labours Eve Birth Support Services offers unique services for families looking for support during the process of delivering or recovering from a miscarriage or still-birth.


Cremation, Memorial Planning & Grief Support Groups

Reynars Funeral Home & Crematorium offers free cremation services for babies or children (pre-term, neonatal and infants) who pass away at the hospital. Materials related to the cremation or memorial such as an urn, planning or other products are not free. General grief support groups are offered several times a year at no cost and are open to anyone in the community based on interest.


Stillbirth & Neonatal Loss Photos

Appleseed Photography is willing to lovingly photograph your baby or infant as a lasting memorial of their brief time in your family’s life. She offers this service at no cost as their gift to your family in your time of loss.    

(250) 719-9792


*Please note - Any outside links or references are intended solely for your convenience and may not reflect the views or policies of  the PPSC. No implied warranty is made concerning the quality of services offered by them and you should therefore make your own determination for the suitability of any such agency and the services offered by them.

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