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After An Abortion

We're here to listen.

Have you had an abortion in the past?

Women have shared with support persons that they sometimes experienced negative emotions or reactions after a past abortion(s). We recognize that this is a difficult experience for many women to talk about.

You might be thinking...

“I’ve had an abortion – is there someone I can talk to?”

“I feel differently than I thought I would.  I just want someone to talk to.”

“My abortion is the deepest secret in my life.”

This is real.

It’s normal to have a wide range of reactions following an abortion. Some women have shared that they experienced one or more of: unexplained sadness, depression, guilt, sexual problems or promiscuity, inability to forgive themselves, drug and alcohol abuse, nightmares, eating disorders, difficulty with relationships, anger, grief, lowered self-esteem, sense of shame, anxiety, discomfort around children and/or pregnant women.

These reactions aren’t crazy. Abortion can leave a real hurt that many women deal with silently and we recognize the need for support. You deserve to have someone help you through a healing process.

We’re about support.

No matter when an abortion(s) occurred, we are here to journey through the healing process without judgment. Support persons trained for post-abortive care are here to listen to you, share with you, and to walk forward with you.

Confidentiality is important to us, and your information will be kept private. Contact us anytime.

Post-Abortion Stress - click HERE for more information.

Important: We are not a medical facility. Any medical concerns should be addressed with your physician.

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